About the Band


Surprisingly this newest entry began in 1973.

Two Penn Hills boys Benny Palombo~Guitar and Tony Cortese~ Drums/vocals(newest member) started a top high school band called “Stonehedge” playing Doobie Brothers, Rolling Stones,Deep Purple and music from a host of bands of the 60’s and 70’s.

Meanwhile on the other side of town John Cortese~Keyboards (the other new member) was hitting the rock music Pittsburgh scene hard with bands such as Zipperfoot and Free Birth.

The foundation of Second Shift is intact with the soulful voice of Bob Geraci and the driving bass of David Zwastetzky another Penn Hills boy .

Both of them have been playing the area for years! 

Benny Palombo Jr. greatly adds his top notch guitar playing and vocals.

We’re keeping it all in the family with a father and son team , two brothers

Bob and Dave. What a great Team!!!!!!!!! 



So please join us for a great time of 


Soul, Funk and Classic Rock!